Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beginner Pysanka - Pysanky

This project is for the beginner egg artist. I show complete steps from choosing your eggs to applying the finish.

Here's a video showing step by step instructions for a basic design egg

Cross Stitched Egg

After being asked if I've ever seen ribbon embroidery eggs, I thought I could show how to do a cross stitched egg. I used an ostrich egg on this project.

Here's a video showing how to make a cross stitched egg.

Intermediate Pysanka

This project is for the intermediate level. We are adding more design and showing you how.

Here's a step by step video for the intermediate level.

Baba Eggs

This project is showing how to make a Baba egg.

Here's a step by step video for the Baba eggs.

Four Seasons

This project is called Four Seasons. It's a very popular egg, and a fun one to do when  changing the bands,  tops, and bottoms with different designs

Here's the video showing you how to make a Four Season egg design.

Varnishes for Eggs

There are many different varnishes that can be applied to the finished egg, and I show a few to give you a better idea of what to use on your eggs.

Here's a video showing different types of varnishes.

Advanced Pysanka

An ostrich egg was used for this advanced and intricate designed egg.

Here's the video to see how to measure out, and place your designs.

Collection of Egg Photos

Here's a collection of egg photos.

Enjoy this video of many different egg photos.

Mosaics from Broken Eggs

What to do with broken egg shells. They make beautiful mosaics. You can glue these egg shell pieces to just about anything. The finished items make great gifts.

Here's a video showing how to make a mosaic with broken egg shell pieces.

Beaded Pysanka

I was asked if I ever made a beaded egg. I show how to embed the beads into wax to form beautiful designs.

Here's the video on making a beaded egg.


There are many ways to make circles. They can be made with templates, suction cups and other such instruments.  In this video you'll see how to make circles evenly placed on the egg.

Egg Holders

This video shows how to cut eggs to make egg holders. It also shows  other items that can be used to make egg holders.

Minecraft Egg

 This project was done for my young friend Sarah. She loves the Minecraft  computer game.

Here's the video showing how the designs on this ostrich egg were created.

Pray for Ukraine

This Tryzub designed egg was made because Donna asked me to make one. In case you are wondering who Donna is, she's my good friend who runs the naztazia.com website. Both Donna and my husband are of Ukrainian descent, so I wanted to make something to reflect their heritage. A Tryzub is a symbol for Ukraine.

Circles and Ovals

Circles and ovals made by using the shape of the egg and a tape measure.

Here's the video showing the process.

How to flattened an egg

This is an unique  project working on damaged eggs. I show you how you can cut and flatten these eggs to make interesting items.

And here is a video to show the process.

Alcohol Ink Eggs

This is one of my favorite fun projects. Because it's done with inks and dabbing anyone can can create beautiful eggs.

And here is the video showing how to use the alcohol inks on eggshells.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Variations on a theme

I'm very happy to show you one of my new videos. This one is variations on a theme. You'll be surprised at how many eggs you can create with one basic design.

Here is a photo of my finished eggs.

And, here is the video showing how to make these eggs. Enjoy!

Hugs, Lorrie

Hanging Easter Eggs - Oberih

I'm excited to share with you an awesome video by Jennifer Kwong. In this video she shows us how to hang a pysanka. And, she shows us how to make a nice tassel for a finishing touch.

Here is a photo of Jennifer's finished work:

And, here is the link to the YouTube video showing how to make hanging eggs. Enjoy!

Hugs, Lorrie

My First Blog Post

I'm so excited to share with you my very first blog post on my new website! Ironically, although this is my first blog post, the pysanka that I made is a design that I've done many decades ago. I call it the windmill design, although you can call it anything you want. It creates a pretty swirl design around the egg, and adds a lot of interest to your decorated egg.

Here is a photo of the finished egg:

And here is the link to my YouTube video showing how to make this egg. Enjoy!

Hugs, Lorrie